Why I Like High Heels

Why I Like High Heels

By Ruthie Davis

I’ve never viewed my career in fashion as frivolous or superficial. I see one’s shoes as essentially like a body part. They become part of your architecture. I was the youngest of six children – the smallest and the shortest. It wasn’t until my older sister bought me my first pair of platforms as a teen in the ‘70s that I felt the transformative power of high heels. I could see eye-to-eye with my siblings. I liked taking up more space in the room.

I grew up as a serious athlete who took a lot of care and pride in my sports outfits and footwear. I have always been drawn to the juxtaposition of fashion and sport. My muse will always be a gorgeous James Bond heroine expertly shushing down the alps in a one-piece catsuit. I love the form of the body in motion and the clothing and shoes that enhance its fierceness.

High heels are like ski boots for fashionable events or occasions. They have a practical function as they enhance your architecture, making your clothing look better while simultaneously elevating your confidence and stature as you take up more space and height in the room. You will talk eye-to-eye with the men at a cocktail party.

We put on our armor as we step outside, and we chose our footwear accordingly. If you are heading somewhere special, which can range from a dinner to an art opening to a full blown gala event, high heels are the luxury 4X4 SUV choice to strap on!